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Deviousness Award

Deviousness Award
When it comes to showing selfless dedication and humble attitude towards talent, `pinguino is heads above us all. Deeply rooted in the foundations of the anime and comic book galleries of our community, `pinguino has continued to show an amazing commitment to encouraging others to get involved and put their creative talent to good use. We're so proud to have such a kind, fun and talented soul in our community, which is why we are extremely honored to bestow the Deviousness Award for October 2011 to `pinguino -- congratulations!
-awarded October 2011
On Thursday I hopped on a redeye from LAX to ATL. I wasn't able to sleep, and emerged bleary-eyed from the plane. Jumped on a subway to the hotel area where DragonCon was held, and proceeded to be lost for an hour, while a nice homeless man walked me to the correct hotel. I made it in time for the Media Relations director to take us on a 1.5mi walk through the convention center, showing us all the various aspects of Dragon*Con. This was a tour for new reporters, and it was my first time at the con. I wish every con would do this.

Atlanta is really hot and humid- Friday I took 3 showers and Saturday I took 4. I went upstairs to change (my cousins had a room on the 42nd floor) and dashed down for an afternoon of intense photoshoots. The first few days I got lost a lot, but eventually found my way around. My friend Bill Watters was running around posing and placing hundreds of cosplayers for huge group shoots, and I also ran into another SoCal photographer I knew, Pat Loika. It always amuses me to run into LA people when I'm in another city. George Perez was hamming it up in all the DC shoots, and it was super fun to see so many great cosplayers in one spot. 

That night I just ran around Pulse Bar and headed out earlyish to try to get some sleep. Lyft took a bit to find me, and eventually I ended up at my friend Heather's place with her awesome super fluffy orange cat.

Saturday I had to get up suuuuper early and shoot the parade. That's right- DragonCon, has it's own parade. It's .9 mi long and all these people in huge complex costumes walk the entire route. I was a bit afraid of getting lost, but eventually found the press pit. It was everything I wanted a geek parade to be. Endless streams of characters from every popular comic book, movie, tv show, movie, and video game, mixed with occasional celebrities, Big Bird, and cosplayers in wheelchairs. Absolutely loved it. Reporters even got walked into it for better shots, and my cousin saw me on DragonCon TV.

DragonCon runs two tv channels that go to the hotel rooms. If it's super hot out and you don't want to deal with lines, you can just party in your hotel room and watch everything streamed closed circuit. It's pretty fantastic. 

We wandered around a bunch at night, and made it to the Mad Max party. IT STARTED AT 3a!!! My friend Steve Troop, a puppeteer, found us and someone gave us some glowsticks. I taught the puppet how to dance with them. That party might have been the most fun I've had at a convention party. So many amazing glowy costumes, and the movie theme was really fantastic. 

Sunday I was pretty destroyed, but I did make it to a kid's Harry Potter party, which was really cute. The private party we ended up after was super lame, and we kinda gave up and just went to sleep. Monday I ended up hanging out with family after hearing reports of Harleys running around with costumes and no makeup.

Super recommended! Here's all my photos from the event on CBR!…
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Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
Name: Pinguino (yes, really)
Location: North Hollywood, CA

Background: I travel around the world and go on crazy adventures. I'm the staff photographer for Comic Book Resources. For twenty years I've run an art studio called Penguin Palace which has been heavy into publishing. I am a visual designer for NBC Universal. I used to be a dA volunteer- Anime Gallery Director, and later, Industry Ninja.

Current Residence: los angeles, ca
Favourite genre of music: electronica/techno/dubstep/electro
Personal Quote: Sleep is practice for being dead.

Will you be at Comikaze on Halloween weekend? 

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bleedsopretty Featured By Owner May 31, 2015
an yea so far my .........getting active on here has been........putting stuff out of storage lol an thats about it lol..
bleedsopretty Featured By Owner May 31, 2015
:heart:        i am ATTEMPTING to get active on here again................        nick inspired me since  he has been posting stuff an i thought maybe...........if i starting making stuff even like shitty art eh its better than nothing hah an will keep me entertained. or yea 

anyway wanted to say hi :D!!!!!!!!! checking up on all my old friends DA pages to see who is still active on here sad a lot of people yea like me stopped coming here i think most are on facebook now? i dont really post anywhere but..........gunna try to post yea maybe in the process make some sales/ [first have to make things to sell though lol was looking at my gallery an made me miss making things an like the....inspiration feeling id when id get an idea//thats probably awhile away but gotta start somewhere...

are you mainly focusing your time on your app ? or? 
pinguino Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
look through etsy and figure out what people are buying these days :)

my times always split between like 20 different things.
bleedsopretty Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2015
you seriously are amazing to me sometimes [thats meant as a compliment not sarcasm lol]i dunno how you do all that stuff heh. er i guess not having MS would help heh. but yeah you are always so bisy! i am not really a social person i am a 'loner' so yeah when i see someone do so much i get jealous///impressed hehe. an thanks! thats a good idea! is there like a way to see er recently sold stuff? er i dont use etsy so muchi thinki only sold like 3 things on there [AND THEY WERE ALL THE SAME FUCKIN THING!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol] i used to list differentstuff an i only sold my pistol necklaces on there lol., maybe one or two more things like 6 years ago i think but most were the pistol necklaces i am broke so agh having to PAY for listings was annoying cuz id lista lot an then.......sell yeah even losing like $2 to me is like $200 when you are poor like me heh. 
pinguino Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
i still think you'd do well at punk rock style craft fairs. You should partner with someone who's got a similar style and work together- have her do the things you don't feel as strong in, and you do the stuff you're already awesome at.
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